PubCon: Making Social Media Campaigns Effective

Vanessa Fox: "Social Media Is More Than Just Digg"

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If you’ve decided to conduct a social media campaign (or are already in the middle of one), congratulations – you’re more or less on the cutting edge.  It’s important not to either fall off or get sliced, though, and some tips to that end arrived from PubCon.

Vanessa Fox, who’s moved on from several other impressive things to become the founder of Nine By Blue, observed in an interview with Mike McDonald that social media is great for raising brand awareness and engaging customers.  These are the sorts of things that people will voluntarily watch and pass on to friends.

At the same time, you need to have concrete goals.  Getting a lot of traffic from Digg, for example, may not do the average business any good by itself if no visitors click on ads or buy products.

More examples of social media mistakes: the popular "easy button" and "got milk?" campaigns weren’t well tied into search terms.  And Fox saw some Coke billboards and bus ads that suggested viewers call a 1-800 number rather than visit any site.

So try to issue a clear and appropriate call to action.  The Will It Blend site serves as a good model in this regard, with "order your blender now"-style buttons sprinkled about.  It seems to bring us back to the cutting theme, too, so we’ll just wrap this up by wishing you a safe weekend.



PubCon: Making Social Media Campaigns Effective
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  • http://www.ninebyblue.com Vanessa Fox

    Hey, thanks for the writeup!

    Just wanted to clarify about the "got milk" and "easy button" campaigns. I found those to be *good* examples, as you can do a search for either and the brand sites come back as the first result. If I saw the "easy button "staples ad on tv but didn’t remember that the brand was staples, I could do a search for the tagline and still find them.

    (And while those aren’t strictly speaking social media examples, they’re examples of how more "old school" media (tv ads) can take advantage of search just as the new school viral marketing can. (With the Blendtec example, they have youtube videos rather than tv ads and if you don’t know what  brand of blender it is, you can still search for "will it blend" and get the Blendtec site.)

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    PubCon: Making Social Media Campaigns Effective

    Fantastic informative video clip, I have certainly noticed and have advised on many occasions to businesses the useful social networking marketing tools and have noticed trends and marketing budgets shifting to the social networking media sites, moreso facebook in the united kingdom.

    Thanx again Web Pro News!

    Have a lovely day! – Sue, Google Expert – SEO Web Marketing



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    I compare Myspace to Yahoo and Facebook to Google. Myspace seems to be more focused on short term profits and the user experience isn’t as good as Facebook. The only people I know who still use Myspace are less tech savvy. When it comes to social networking, it’s redundant to have 2 sites, and I think Facebook will dominate and Myspace will slip.

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