Proxima Technology and Fuego Partner to Improve Support for Enterprise Agility

    September 7, 2004

Proxima Technology and Fuego announced a partnership to improve support for enterprise agility.

The partnership promotes alignment of IT with the business and establishes a business-driven foundation for on-demand (“grid”, “utility”) computing.

“Business Process Management is about the entire life-cycle of processes, including having meaningful data about the IT systems and Services that support those business processes,” said Hollis Bischoff, Vice-President, Technology Research Services, META Group, Inc. “Articulating the value that IT delivers to the overall performance of the business is an important element of business analytics today.”

Research conducted independently by Proxima Technology and Fuego concludes that the impact of enabling IT infrastructure on BPM implementations is often overlooked. As BPM technology becomes more mainstream and businesses become increasingly dependent on IT, then this problem will be compounded. The partnership between Proxima Technology and Fuego addresses this issue and creates a foundation for understanding business demand for IT in order to adequately provision IT services in on-demand utility computing models going forward.

Under the partnership, Proxima Technology’s Centauri Business Service Manager product will provide FuegoBPM with information about alignment between IT and the business. This includes measures of IT service quality and the impact on the enabled business processes. In return, FuegoBPM provides Centauri Business Service Manager with information about business process volumetrics which translates into demand for IT service vital for the effective provisioning of IT services.

“Our partnership with Fuego promotes alignment between IT and the business and provides a path for on-demand computing through a business driven approach to service provisioning. A combination of Fuego to enable enterprise agility and Proxima to enhance the business value of IT is, we believe, attractive,” said Steve Jones, CEO, Proxima Technology.

“In the past, companies have focused on improving their business processes separately from their IT service quality,” said Jon Lauck, CEO, Fuego. “With the combination of Fuego and Proxima, customers now can better align their mission critical processes with the IT services that support them to achieve process excellence.”

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