Presenting Your Home Business!

    November 3, 2004

Some days I just have to shake my head when I hear fellow home business people tell me about the work and money they put forth to do a presentation.

Why? Because they’re not getting the results they should be. They’re throwing away money and wasting energy, unnecessarily. They don’t understand why they can’t recruit or refer others to do the same thing. After all, they’re presenting themselves as very professional, polished individuals. They’re doing everything right – aren’t they?

In order to answer that question let me put a little scenario in front of you ….

Your good friend (we’ll call her, Susan) invites you to her home for a presentation centered around recruiting others to work from home, selling easily marketable baby products. Her home is so spotless – it’s sterile. There are 39 other people there (most of whom you’ve never met). Some are stay at home parents. Others are corporate office workers. Susan is dressed in a business suit, as are some of the others. Most of the stay at home parents are dressed casually. The presentation is perfectly rehearsed, quite formal in its delivery, without a word spoken from anyone else. Afterwards, Susan brings out snacks of shrimp, an assortment of cheeses, cold cuts, fresh fruit and finger sandwiches along with wine, coffee, and herbal tea. Out of 40 people, one person sees the opportunity that Susan has presented. A success, right? Wrong!

You may be reading this and saying to yourself “But she did get one person!” While that’s true, the flip side is that statistically, 20 to 30 people should have seen the opportunity. So, what went wrong?

Regardless of the fact that Susan has an opportunity that people should rightfully be jumping at;

Susan had too many people in her home

There were two distinctly different groups of people

Her home was too perfect

Susan was over-dressed

The snacks and refreshments were too elaborate

The presentation itself was too formal

Everything was simply too much!

Seriously, after reading that scenario – can you honestly say that you could do the same thing?

That pivotal question you must always keep in mind when presenting your opportunity (no matter how amazing it may be) is “Could everyone I’m presenting to do the same thing I’m doing?” If the answer is no, you’re doing something wrong. Your actions must always be easily duplicative!

People need to be able to relate to you, your product or service and they must know in their mind that they could do the same thing you’re doing. Don’t over-complicate things. Be yourself and have fun with it but make sure that your guests feel they can do the same thing you’re doing.

Now, let’s look at a different scenario with Jill ….

You arrive at Jill’s home to find 9 other stay at home parents. Some you know, others you don’t. Jill is dressed in slacks and a nice sweater. Her home is clean and tidy, yet comfortable. Jill does a great presentation, involving everyone. There’s some laughter and a couple of questions over coffee, tea and some squares. At the end of the evening, Jill is delighted that 6 of her guests saw the same opportunity that she did!

Comparing these two presentations for the same opportunity, who would you enroll with – Susan or Jill? Of course you said, Jill. And why? Because you know you could do the same thing that Jill did. You could easily duplicate her actions. You also saw that 6 people signed up with her. You know that if Jill could get those results, so could you!

Everyone has a tendency to over-complicate things. Simplicity is always best. Regardless of what you are presenting to people, if you keep this one question in your mind at all times, I guarantee your results will skyrocket!

Is what I’m doing easily duplicative?

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