Predictions For 2014: The Economy

By: Tina Volpe - December 26, 2013

American’s have lived through the worst recession since the “Great Depression.” It all started in 2008, and we’re not out of the woods yet. Not many can claim it wasn’t a difficult time, but is there more to come, or do experts see a light at the end of the tunnel?

It appears as if things might just be looking better as far as the economy, housing and jobs are concerned.

NPR announced, according to the economist Nariman Behravesh who puts out an economic forecast every year that he’s predicting the U.S. economy will do better in 2014, which will help the unemployed and also the long-term unemployed.

According to Nariman Behravesh the US gross domestic product (GDP) grew slowly in 2013, estimated at 1.9 percent – but it looks as if it is strengthening, and estimated to grow 2.7 percent in 2014.

Another analyst, David Berson contributes the future growth to “Stronger growth will come from lower oil prices, improved international growth, rising household net worth, and less fiscal drag.”

The unemployment rate is forecasted to fall to 6.5 percent, even lower according to the Federal Reserve – who recently lowered its US unemployment forecast for the year, projecting it to fall as low as 6.3 percent.

The experts said about inflation: “Inflation is projected to remain low, and (importantly) below the Fed’s long-term goal of 2.0 percent for 2013,” Berson at Nationwide wrote.

And the housing market – well things are already looking up, according to Zillow – prices and sales are nearing pre-bubble levels, and mortgage rates will continue to rise.

Available homes are growing and foreclosures are dropping. “Housing, autos, and manufacturing should be the strongest sectors of the economy,” Berson writes.

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  • My Prediction

    More corruption, more lies, more hoaxes, more attempts to get the guns, more cover-ups. Endless bad news on TV followed by segments on how great the military is and how wonderful our cops are. Then people will go to the internet and find out the real truth and the real news and they will be disillusioned. Oh yeah, the US will continue to arrest and incarcerate the most people in the world and they will make even more profit than they already do. I would invest in all the prisons listed on the NYSE but even I am not that big of bastard because who knows at the rate we incarcerate people, someone in my family could end up in prison. But rest assured the billionaires and the politicians are investing in them. And people wonder why this country is so corrupt. Oh yeah, we will hear more about Hillary and how great she is. There will be a couple more terrorist events or school shootings. So watch out for any government drills going on. It is really odd how the last 7 major events all had a government training session going on at the same location and at the same time.

    Good Luck America. You will need it.

  • Liar liar


  • Bob

    Yep this whole country is a big scam. I say the hell with it. Prepare for the worst.

    • Real

      Yep, Bob you are right. It pains me to say that because at one point we weren’t phony, but today, we are. I do research for living. I have a couple Master’s degrees. It is really my profession. Well, I apply my techniques to major news stories and what I find is that what the public is told and what is actually reality is two different things. Once you get past the general nature of a news story and dig down into the details —- everything is so different than what is portrayed. Granted it is not ALL stories, but most of the major stories. That is what is disturbing.

      I think what the person above wrote in the big paragraph — about how drills so often coincide with terrorist events is very smart —- because it is true and it is very troublesome because part of the drill may be controlling the media. So you could literally have a fake event and the test could be fooling the media. Bottom line is I don’t trust much anymore.

      It is like Sandy Hook. So many things do not add up. So many things have been proven to be false. So many strange things, but no pictures. I am old enough to remember Columbine. We had picture after picture. Video tape after video tape. We saw it ALL. But why now — all of a sudden — no one wants to release video tapes anymore? That is a cause for concern. What do you keep in the dark? Things you don’t want seen? Why do you not want it seen? Because it might contradict the truth.

      The media is where the truth goes to die.