PodZinger Now EveryZing

    June 12, 2007

PodZinger, a multimedia search and advertising platform is expanding its services and re-launching the company as EveryZing.

The name change is a reflection of the company moving beyond Podcasts and into all forms of online multimedia content. EveryZing says that media companies will be able to enhance their online multimedia offerings and better merchandise their digital content across the Web.

EveryZing’s text indexing of multimedia content will aid in finding content within search engines across the Web.

"By unlocking the contents of multimedia files, EveryZing is powering a shift in how multimedia content will be organized, accessed, and monetized into the future," said Tom Wilde, CEO of EveryZing. "Search has become the Internet’s operating system, and EveryZing’s solution uniquely bridges the gap between multimedia and search to drive consumption."

"The popularity exhibited by sites like YouTube and MySpace has indicated consumers’ craving for digital content," said Josh Martin, analyst for Yankee Group. "Media companies are quickly jumping on the bandwagon, making more and more of their own content available for consumer consumption."