Podcast Entertainment

    January 22, 2006

Last week, Shel and I had a great conversation via Skype with Lee Hopkins.

An accomplished business podcaster, Lee’s also a regular correspondent of For Immediate Release, the twice-weekly show Shel and I do.

The recording is now online. What it’s about, in Lee’s words:

[…] We talk about beginnings, mistakes, successes, strategy versus tactics, the IABC, words of wisdom and guidance, beheading and public execution, and much, much more (including what job Shel was offered until a “proper job comes along”). You are guaranteed a laugh (at my interviewing style, if nothing else).

At 59 minutes long — and worksafe — it’s a fantastic listen!

And Lee included the out-take at the beginning. Nice one, Lee!

You can get the MP3 here.

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