Plus! SuperPack for Windows XP

    October 19, 2004

Plus! SuperPack is the ultimate enhancement pack for Windows XP, enabling consumers to personalize their PCs with screen savers and themes, enjoy exciting games, and do more with digital photos, music and home movies.

Plus! SuperPack combines two popular Microsoft products: Plus! Digital Media Edition and Plus! for Windows XP. The estimated retail price (ERP) for both products is $50 (U.S.), but they are offered together in Plus! SuperPack for one low ERP of $29.95 (U.S.), representing an amazing value for consumers and providing them with everything they need to take their Windows experience to the next level. In addition, for customers who have already acquired either Plus! Digital Media Edition or Plus! for Windows XP, Microsoft is offering a $10 (U.S.) rebate on Plus! SuperPack.

“With the growing popularity of digital photos, music and movies, we anticipate Plus! SuperPack will be a big hit with our customers this holiday season,” said Brian Woods, executive vice president of GMM at CompUSA Inc. “Plus! SuperPack is a tremendous value for our customers, enabling them to personalize and have more fun with their PCs.”

“Plus! for Windows XP and Plus! Digital Media Edition have received consistently high ratings from our customers, and Plus! SuperPack takes the value of these products to a whole new level,” said Dave Fester, general manager of the Windows Consumer Division at Microsoft. “With its wide range of features — from amazing screen savers to the ability to do more with digital photos and music — Plus! SuperPack is truly the ultimate companion for Windows XP.”

Experiencing More With Plus! SuperPack

Plus! SuperPack includes a broad range of features that enable consumers to personalize Windows XP and have more fun with digital photos, music and home movies. With Plus! SuperPack, users can do the following:

— Easily create amazing slide shows using digital photos. Users can create exciting photo slide shows with music and narration, and instantly add automatic panning and zooming effects with Plus! Photo Story 2. They can then share those precious moments with friends and family via e-mail, the Web, CDs and video CDs that play on most home DVD players.

— Personalize their PC with fun screen savers and themes. Users can enjoy more than 10 stunning screen savers and themes, including a lifelike marine aquarium, space scenes and animated 3-D photo albums.

— Take a break from reality with exciting games. Plus! SuperPack users can enjoy fun 3-D games with vibrant sounds and visuals, getting a new spin on bowling, navigating challenging 3-D mazes or testing their puzzle-solving skills.

— Do more with digital music and Windows Media Player. Users can easily create CD and DVD labels and inserts, and copy their vinyl records and cassettes onto their PC while removing hisses and pops. They can enjoy colorful skins, a party mode and entertaining desktop dancers for Windows Media Player. These and other music features make Plus! SuperPack the perfect companion for the new Windows Media Player 10, which is now available.

— Turn home movies into a Hollywood production. Plus! SuperPack helps users create, edit and share home movies with pizzazz using 50 additional transitions and effects for Windows Movie Maker 2 for Windows XP (available separately via download).

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