Pets With Newt 2012: Gingrich Wants The Domesticated Animal Vote

    January 31, 2012
    Drew Bowling
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Presidential candidates have been trying to find efficient, effective ways to incorporate the realm of social media into their campaigns ever since Barack Obama parlayed it into a four-year (at least) stay at the White House. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, perhaps known as much for his unconventional habits as he is for his unconventional “wisdom, is really starting to stretch the limits of this whole social media-as-campaign thing.

While he and Mitt Romney (and those other two guys) shell their embarrassing political ads en espaƱol in order to cajole Latino voters to cast in with them during today’s Florida primary, Gingrich has been quietly courting the vote of another demographic: pets. As in your pets.

Pets With Newt 2012 sounds like a prank site but – I swear – it’s legit and actually paid for by Gingrich’s official campaign. As you can imagine, the website offers his supporters an opportunity to enlist their pets – who I presume have no prior qualifications aside from territorial pissings and the occasional corpophagia – into Gingrich’s cause. All you need to do in order to commit your small, furry companion to the amusing-if-it-wasn’t-true campaign of Gingrich is submit a few pieces of info.

The site’s harmless enough and, honestly, if it were anybody else other than Gingrich I’d probably pass over it. But it’s Newt Gingrich. And it’s attached to his 2012 presidential campaign which, in case you’ve been smartly living under a rock when it comes to modern American politics, has been an epic farce.

You can also see a list of Newt and (third wife) Callista’s favorite zoos. That’s worth taking a look at if only for the opportunity to glimpse the slideshow of Newt mingling with captured animals of prey. I guess his handlers thought it’d be too risky to go find one of those Burmese pythons that have been decimating the Florida ecosystem as a good PR shot for today’s primary.

Finally: I think I get a high-five for making it all the way to this point without making any jokes about how “Pets with Newt” is not really the best name for a site that endorses a known two-time (that we know of) philanderer.

  • Laure Williams

    I respect that even checked out Newt’s website at all, but I think you miss the humanity of this man.And before you label me a right wing nut-case, I want you to know that I was a lberal like you for the first 54 yr of my life,having been born into such a family. I hated the Bushes,loved the Clinton’s and the Kennedys.In 2008 , all of a sudden I looked at Obama and saw him as a cold, arrogant socialist who looked down on average Americans. I also adopted my daughter’s son while she fought a battle with drugs.It became so clear to me how our Culture had failed my daughter, how I had failed her. I had accepted our Culture of partying, abortion, and welfare as normal when it was ultimately such a danger to us as a country. Newt, with his affairs had the same problem, yet he still managed to balance the Budget, create a surplus,and improve the economy in the 90’s. He found his soulmate,Callista, and recently became a Catholic.His two daughters adore him and he adores his two grandchildren.He is just a normal American who LOVES this country and what it stands for. I can totally see that in his love for animals in the Pets for Newt website.Take another look ,please.