Performance Of Social Media Marketing Decidedly Mixed

    February 6, 2008

It’s one of those life lesson clichs: you win some, you lose some.  And where social media is concerned, you may also just give up some, because a new study found a wide mix of results when social media was used for marketing efforts.

Oneupweb specializes in online marketing strategies, and despite what some may see as a conflict of interest, seems to have given an honest evaluation of twelve campaigns.  The success of one was up in the air, while six were portrayed as winners, three did less well, and to finish up the group, two pretty much abandoned their experiments.

We’ll just talk about those last five, since they may need the most explaining.  First: with coffee competitors on every corner, a change of CEOs, and all other sorts of large forces at work, Starbucks’s social media campaign may not deserve all the blame for its lack of success.Performance Of Social Media Marketing Decidedly Mixed

Target, meanwhile, seems to have betrayed some trust when its string-pulling was revealed, and Webkinz also lost some friends when it shoved advertising into a previously ad-free space.

Taryn Rose, a shoe and handbag company, apparently gave up on a MySpace profile, blog, and video-centric press page.  And the author of A Thousand Splendid Suns cut off communications, as well.

A full 43-page report explains how several missteps could have been avoided, and what other companies did right (it’s at this point that, although the assessments are accurate, a little bit of Oneupweb’s self-promotion may come into play).  Still, for the average onlooker, the takeaway message may be that using social media to market things is still tricky, and other ways of pushing products may be safer.