PeakStream Trail Leads To Google

    June 5, 2007

Google’s acquisitions are usually pretty smooth deals; at most, a “welcome, Google!” statement shows up on the lucky company’s homepage.  Now, a report indicates that PeakStream has been bought by Google, yet the company no longer even has a front page – the whole site is gone.

We’d usually wait for another voice or two to chime in before printing this sort of thing, but The Register is a pretty solid source.  And as The Register’s Ashlee Vance puts it, “Google has stunned the server world by acquiring superstar start-up PeakStream.”

Vance also documented the strange fate of the software maker’s website, which – along with its phone lines – “mysteriously crashed yesterday.”  You’re welcome to keep an eye on it for yourselves – it could be any minute now that the site springs back to life, decked out in Google’s trademark colors.

Those are, to be honest, about all the solid facts that are available at the moment.  Vance provides a few details about PeakStream’s background – it “had developed tools that improve the performance of single-threaded applications on multi-core chips” – and goes on to note, once again, that Google’s acquisition of the company was completely unexpected – but that’s about it.

All the best to the folks at PeakStream, and their possible new owners at Google, as well, but here’s hoping that you guys come to embrace the concept of a press release.