PayPal Wants You to Pay Your Friends for Favors

    June 22, 2009
    Chris Crum

PayPal has launched a new site called "Do Stuff For Money," which the company describes as a way to get people to do stuff…for money. Mind blowing isn’t it?

"Need your roommate Susie to handle your laundry this week? Sweeten the deal by offering $20 to make sure she does it right," says PayPal Director of Product Marketing Heinz Waelchi. "Want your boyfriend to give you a foot massage after a long day at work? He may hate your feet, but it might be worth the extra $40."

Stuff for Money

The site can be used for legitimate transactions using PayPal’s send money feature, but Waelchi also encourages "prank" offers. Here are a few examples of what people have already used it for:

Stuff for Money

PayPal is also playing up the site’s integration with Facebook. You can send offers via Facebook (or email), and the offer will appear on the recipient’s wall (or in their inbox with email). Their acceptance or refusal of the offer will also be posted on the wall.

PayPal should be able to avoid any Craiglist-like Attorney General static. In the site’s legal section, it forbids users to “encourage illegal activity.” I assume that includes prostitution.