Pay Per Click to guarantee targeted traffic!

    March 21, 2002

Search engines and directories are important in getting a steady flow of traffic to your site. However, you really have to work hard (or pay someone to work hard), to even get close to guaranteeing a top 10 position on them.

Pay-Per-Click search engines, on the other hand, offer you the enticing prospect of a guaranteed search engine position (guaranteed, that is, at time of bidding). And even better, as more traditional search engines struggle to generate income, some Pay-Per-Click results are actually used within these traditional engines too.

However, a listing on a Pay-Per-Click search engine has to be considered differently.

In this instance, you DON’T WANT just anyone to click your link. In fact, you ONLY want your prospective customers to click, and you must choose your keywords and description carefully to make sure that happens.


Overture (formerly GoTo) is by far the most popular pay-per-click search engine on the web right now. It was the first pay-per- click search engine and as such Overture’s results can now be found on many other search engines. Also, Overture have the toughest anti-fraud measures in place – there is *less chance* of receiving bogus clicks using Overture.

However, due to Overture’s market dominance – there is now a UK version – Overture now incorporate a minimum bid of 5 pennies (other pay-per-click search engines still let you have a minimum bid of 1p). And Overture will soon insist on a minimum spend each month ($20), if they have not done so already.

Overture – Overture UK –



Using Overture as an example here, making a bid is simply a matter of choosing the following:

* keyword
* title
* description

And as Overture recommends on its site, always repeat the keyword in both the title and description to improve your chances of a click. Overture also comes with a keyword suggestion tool, available to Overture advertisers only.

Choosing your keywords, and the amount you are willing to bid is also simple, but can take a lot of time. You need to research suitable in-demand keywords, that cost little. The paid-for version of Wordtracker – the excellent keyword suggestion tool – allows you to brainstorm good keywords, and determine the current cost of the top 20 bids. A real time saver.

Wordtracker –

And you can monitor your Overture bids using this tool:


Make sure you are happy with the amounts of money you will spend. A quick rule-of-thumb to determine the value of a visitor (or click) is to use this simple equation for a given month:

Value = average earnings / average unique visitors

Make sure your bids are lower than this ‘value’ of a visitor.

The best way to achieve success at the pay-per-click search engines is to bid on many listings, but bid low.


You can find out a great deal more about pay-per-click search engines from this excellent resource.

And Ken Evoy’s excellent 5-day FREE Affiliate Masters course covers pay-per-click search engines in great detail, as well as other ways of building income (through content).


Pay-per-click search engines can guarantee to bring traffic to your site, at a low cost. Just remember that the secret to using pay-per-click search engines is to make hundreds of bids. Remember also, that this time around, you only want ‘the right people’ to click the link! So choose your words carefully.

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