Pakistan Ends YouTube Ban

    February 27, 2008

Pakistan is denying that it was responsible for blocking worldwide access to YouTube.

Pakistan Ends YouTube Ban

YouTube was blocked for around two hours on Sunday after Pakistan denied access to the site for hosting a "blasphemous" video clip. Google has said that YouTube was offline because Pakistan "hijacked" the Web server address when it was blocking domestic access to the site.

"This was not intentional and might have happened when an international company, which is routing Internet traffic to Pakistan, tried to block the specific (web address)," a senior Pakistan Telecommunication Authrotiy (PTA) official told AFP.

Some Pakistani users are questioning the real reason why Pakistan blocked access to YouTube. They think it could be tied to election fraud in last week’s paraliamentary elections.

" Some Internet users are sceptical that the government banned YouTube because it contained clips from a private television station which showed election rigging," said Wahaj us Siraj, chief of the Pakistan Internet Service Providers Association.

Pakistan ended its restrictions on YouTube yesterday, and restored access to the site.