Overcoming Blog Writer’s Block

    January 22, 2007

Quality, compelling content that your target audience will read, digg and otherwise link to is the goal of most blog articles.

This in turn brings visitors to your blog, and might even attract a new subscriber or a lead or two.

But what happens when you sit down with your Red Bull, Coffee or other favorite writing beverage, ready to crank out some quality content, but can’t quite think of anything compelling to write about? Here are some of the things that I do that help me get over what my associates call “writers bloggage?”

1.I close my eyes for a while and meditate and re-charge my chakras (especially the blue throat chakra responsible for communication).

2. Then I go to my favorite search engine and start typing in random queries, things I am interested in. For me this would be web analytics, social media optimization, SEM, online PR or basically anything web related. Anything that I can get excited about, or find interesting I research further and cultivate articles using my own slant and opinions.

3. It is also helpful to set-up Google Alerts with these topics as well, so when they come to your inbox you can get some ideas based on what other people are writing about on these topics and offer a new fresh perspective.

4. Another good idea is to evaluate a service that you have been using. For instance, the increasing popularity of sites such as mybloglog.com, or linkedin. If you use these services, it might help others to give your opinion on how you found out about them, how you use the service and what sort of measurable results you are getting.

5. Another option is to write some sort of guide, for instance, I wrote a guide on Microsofts AdCenter which people found useful. But any new service, social media or otherwise, is good to put on your blog in the form of a guide. If it is thorough and complete, you can get a good amount of traffic from this.

I hope this helps anyone who has been experiencing symptoms of writers bloggage, and I encourage you to share your tips in the form of comments on what you do to get over the hump.


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Geoff is based in LA and has experience in Public Relations and New Business Development for companies such as SS|PR, Grey Direct West, Acclivity Inc. and others. He is currently the LA sales manager for Social Media Systems online marketing company and co-authors the 3net Search Engine Marketing Blog.