Oracle Unleashes Army of Developers

    January 18, 2005

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison announced the release by 2008 of “Project Fusion,” the company’s next-generation information- oriented application architecture and application set.

Project Fusion will combine the best features and functions of Oracle’s applications with those of PeopleSoft and JD Edwards.

The new Project Fusion is a new information age architecture based on industry standards that will be modularized for flexible deployment, optimal performance and easy maintenance. New information-driven applications will incorporate key strengths of all product lines and focus on business process automation, industry-specific capabilities, superior usability, real-time information access and reporting, and a shared data model to provide customers with a single source of truth.

A company statement said, “Project Fusion architecture will leverage the latest Oracle technology for scalability, availability, security and performance. Oracle’s Senior Vice President of Applications Development John Wookey added in a speech today, “The new architecture and the results companies will achieve will be truly revolutionary, but the path to the new successor product line will be evolutionary,”

InfoWorld outlines their strategy:

“In the meantime, it will continue doing routine maintenance work on all three of its applications lines, and will release in 2006 the next major upgrade for each: PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.0, EnterpriseOne 8.12 (the software line PeopleSoft acquired from J.D. Edwards) and the Oracle E-Business Suite 12. Those upgrades will be the last major updates in each line before Oracle moves to the converged Fusion line.

Oracle will support each of the three product lines through at least 2013, accordingly to John Wookey, Oracle’s newly appointed senior vice president of applications development. Wookey assumes the position previously held by Ron Wohl, whom Oracle quietly replaced soon after finalizing the PeopleSoft deal.

Fusion will be a Java-based, service-oriented architecture with an automated upgrade process from PeopleSoft, Oracle and J.D. Edwards applications. “Not a conversion — an automated upgrade,” Oracle Chief Executive Officer Larry Ellison emphasized in his remarks at the event.”

From TechTarget

“The chief selling point for the new suite of applications is that it will be built in a standards-based development environment.

The products will be written in Java and use standards-based rules to allow easy integration with other applications, Ellison said.

“We believe we can create a highly productive Java environment,” Ellison said. “We think all the other application vendors are going to have to migrate to standards based technologies.””

“This is the first time a major application company is going to commit to an absolutely standards-based development environment,” Ellison commented.

Oracle is committing a virtual army of 8,000 developers from the three companies to the project.

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