OpenID Attracts Yahoo’s Support

By: Doug Caverly - January 17, 2008

Maybe you know one, or maybe you are one, but if you’re not in either of those groups, believe me: there are people with spreadsheets full of user names and passwords, pages of the things for separate purposes and sites.  Now Yahoo’s doing its part to eliminate the confusion by supporting the OpenID 2.0 standard.OpenID Attracts Yahoo's Support

OpenID operates on that idea that users should be allowed to sign into multiple sites with a single set of login info.  It’s been popular, but not wildly so; Yahoo’s embrace of the standard represents a huge step forward.

"Yahoo!’s commitment to an open web is a significant validation of the OpenID movement and Yahoo!’s adoption of the standard today immediately triples the total number of people able to use OpenID," acknowledged Scott Kveton, chairman of the Board of Directors for the OpenID Foundation, in a statement.

Also, "[T]he potential for access to Yahoo!’s vast international user base will create an even more powerful incentive for additional websites to begin accepting OpenID users."  And this is the sort of deal that Google, Facebook, and other major companies may feel pressure to duplicate.

We’ll see where things go, though, given that companies could also beg off on the basis of security concerns.

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