Only In Japan: Burger King Offers A Windows 7 Whopper

    October 27, 2009

UPDATE: A video has surface on Youtube of someone attempting to eat the Windows 7 Whopper… watch at your own risk.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: If you listen close enough you can probably hear the arteries of hundreds of Japanese people clogging as Burger King has unveiled the Windows 7 Whopper.

What is a Windows 7 Whopper you ask?


Windows 7 Whopper

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Well, it’s just like the ordinary Whopper… only with 7 patties of meat and stands over 5 inches tall. As far as the price goes, the Windows 7 Whopper will set you back ¥777, which translates to about $8.55, which isn’t that bad when you think about the quantity meat you’re getting.

Only the first 30 customers per day can take advantage of the special ¥777 pricing, each patron after that will have to pay ¥1,450, which is about $17.10. For those interested, the promotion runs from 10/22 – 10/28.

Would you attempt to eat a Windows 7 Whopper? Let us know.