Online News More Trusted Than TV News

Word-of-mouth most trusted

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Online news sites are now second only to recommendations from friends as the most trusted source of information in the U.S., according to a survey from TNS.

In the U.S. 38 percent of those surveyed cited online news as the most trusted source of information, while 34 percent trusted newspapers and 33 percent TV news.

Globally, the most trusted information source was friends, with 42 percent of those surveyed saying they trusted word-of-mouth recommendations. Almost an equal number trusted TV news (41%), online news (40%) and newspapers (39%).

Most Trusted Media in Canada and US

"It’s interesting to see how trusted online news is – with consumers clearly understanding the difference between which online channels can be trusted and which cannot," said Arno Hummerston, Managing Director, TNS Global Interactive

"Instead of fighting the web revolution, newspapers seem to be trying to move their business models online, and it seems as though the combination of quality content and a recognized brand name is working, with readership figures of most national newspaper websites up over the last year."

In Western Europe, UK Internet users trusted newspapers the least, while those in France, Italy and Spain put the least trust in TV news.

Most Trusted Media in Western Europe

Private blogs were the least trusted source in almost every country. China was the exception, with 24 percent of Internet users saying they trust them more than free papers and company brochures.


Online News More Trusted Than TV News
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  • http://www.welive2care.com Lance Rucher

    I agree to your article about online news more reliable than tv news. One reason is that the online news are first hand experience by the author. Second, there are tendency for the TV news to modify the news due to communication restriction or the editor itself are now aware of the importance to the readers.

  • http://mediabusted.bravehost.com FactsNow

    With all the sensationalism of Nancy Grace and Bill O’Reilly, it’s no wonder why more people rely on the Net for accurate news.
    I never read a newspaper save for maybe one or two headlines, then I log on to get the real story from independent websites and blogs.

    The FCC should really crack down on all the yellow journalism going on because misinforming the public can be very costly. For example, the online predator panic was proven by researchers to be way overblown. Nevertheless, it has caused a lot of unfounded misery with families.

    Americans need to stop allowing media to do the thinking for them and start doing research before they make any important decisions.

    Good article.

  • http://www.airsolutionz.co.nz Heat Pump

    I am not surprised that online news is trusted more. TV stations are owned by some very wealthy people with some very strong opinions and political agendas. In all honesty, I haven’t sat down purposefully to watch the news on TV for the last 12 months.

    Plus I can tune into the news that is relevant to me, for free, any time I want. Doesn’t the internet just rock?

  • Christine

    I totally agree – I get all my news online from CNN, BBC and GlobalPost.com – a new global news site that is fantastic!

  • http://www.sulubancliffbali.com Luxury Bali Villas

    I for one is sick of all the bombing of ads and all the propaganda they have on TV Programs and TV Networks. Youtube is the source for me. For online I try to stick to AP.

  • http://www.ascentent.com Ent Services

    I get my daily feed from Youtube. It’s much more accurate, neutral and unbiased.

  • http://www.internet-empire.com Seo Singapore

    38% is an overwhelming figure. Especially when the TV news is only getting 33%.

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