Online Bookseller Bans Book

    January 17, 2008

Online bookseller has blocked children’s fantasy novel "The Golden Compass."

The site allows its customers to vote on books to ban. On its Web site it states, "We watch all books being blocked, and when one gets enough blocks we will pull it from the database."

The company said the book was the most blocked book in December. "We feel compelled to honor the wishes of our community," said Abunga CEO Adam Slack.

"We anticipated that most of the material people found objectionable would be
pornographic in nature," says Chairman Lee Martin. "But, this
response from our community indicates they care equally about the message
in the books themselves." Martin added that the company was willing to forego revenues to respond to its user community.

The book has received criticism from religious groups for "its perceived anti-Catholic and atheistic themes."

Philip Pullman’s trilogy "His Dark Materials," which includes the Golden Compass is the number one seller in children’s literature on