One Ship Released In Undersea Cable Cutting Case

    April 14, 2008

An Indian chief officer of an Iraqi ship that is believed to be responsible for cutting an undersea cable that led to Internet outages in the Middle East and India in February will go on trial.

A Korean- owned ship, which also cut a cable was released after it paid $60,000 for damages to Flag Telecom, a subsidiary of Reliance Globalcom.

Deputy Director of Criminal Investigation Department of Dubai Police Abdul Jaleel Mahdi said UAE Coast Guards seized the two ships after the telecom operator, M Ambare Company, released satellite images of the ships movements in the area.

While being interrogated by police, the official of the Korean ship admitted that the vessel was in the area and agreed to pay damages.

Dubai Police will turn the Indian chief officer and a Syrian chief engineer over to Dubai Public Prosecution next week. The captain of the ship, who is an Iraqi, was not on board at the time it was impounded.

The Iraqi ship is expected to pay $350,000 in damages to the company whose cable was cut, according to IBN.