On the Job Training for More Effective Managers

    January 18, 2007

Every serious manager and supervisor knows HR seminars and trainings are not just perfect excuses for yet another powerpoint presentation and coffee-and-biscuit break.

These sessions are important precisely because of the ever-changing dynamics of the workplace. We need more of the fine stuff from the people we elect as supervisors and managers if our company is to achieve all its mission and vision statements.

Contrary to belief, HR trainings and seminars are not just mere sessions to be mindlessly attended and later added to one’s resume. Far from being a desirable extra, HR training is essential for any forward-thinking company that values its employees.

Oftentimes, managers, especially first-time managers, often lack the skills and problem-solving ability when workplace conflicts arise. They might haven’t adequately settled into their new position yet, (still fumbling around, so to speak). Which is why, aside from mentoring and sharpening manegerial skills, HR trainings help managers successfully ease into their new and more demanding job opportunities.

Some of the basic challenges of managers that need constant readdressing are:

Personnel concerns Managers must be able to be balance making demands/expectations of their staff and interacting with them like an equal. Good HR training helps managers and would-be managers to handle the team so that each of them works to their full capacity.

A good teammate-manager relationship fosters not only good productivity, but more open and honest feedback among everyone as well. Good feedback encourages the staff and lets them know that they are making progress. At the same time, the staff must also feel free to air out their concerns or grievances.

Handling Job Applications Managers need to be on the lookout for qualified candidates for new job positions in the company. With the right interviewing skill that balance respects and spontaenity, logic and creativity, managers can distinguish the most promising job applicant.

Communication A key skill every supervisor and manager must develop is the ability to communicate effectively. It’s not enough that managers be great at oral and written communication skills, but they must also be good listeners as well.


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