Omniture And comScore Partner On Web Analytics

    September 21, 2009

Omniture and comScore have formed a partnership aimed at providing advertisers and publishers with a more comprehensive view of online data.

The partnership will combine Omniture’s method of analyzing web traffic by looking at data collected by servers with comScore’s panel based audience measurement.

Previously the two methodologies had different objectives and used contrasting data collection technologies, resulting in metrics that caused confusion among publishers and advertisers.

Magid Abraham, Comscore President, CEO and Co-Founder
Magid Abraham
Comscore President,
CEO and Co-Founder

This partnership blends the two methodologies in an automated way to create a unified approach for audience measurement aimed at allowing publishers to represent themselves in a more accurate way to advertisers, and for advertisers to improve their media planning with more data about their reach.

"comScore and Omniture are working to provide the marketplace a much-needed solution for consistent Web-wide measurement," said Dr. Magid Abraham, comScore President & CEO.

"This relationship will deliver to our customers the solution that they have been seeking, thus helping to promote and accelerate the usage of digital marketing intelligence for delivering actionable business results and competitive advantage. We believe it will also help the industry overcome concerns of inconsistent measurement of digital audiences and promote further adoption of digital media advertising."

The partnership is aimed at allowing joint Omniture and comScore customers to use Omniture tags to collect and share information with comScore’s Media Metrix 360.