Official Cisco CCIE Boot Camps

    August 7, 2006

Regarded as the highest level of Cisco certification on the hierarchy of Cisco networking solutions and implementing professional training, CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certifications are highly desired by IT professionals.

Prestigious and extremely popular worldwide, Cisco CCIE certifications are also very difficult to achieve. In present, Cisco CCIE certifications are the trademark for remarkable skills and experience regarding Cisco networking solutions and design. Cisco Certified Experts hold a complete set of specific theoretical and practical abilities required for designing, installing, configuring, troubleshooting and implementing security, as well as operating with LAN, WAN and dial access services for companies and organizations that work with complex networks.

There are four major Cisco CCIE world-renowned certifications, structured in the following areas: Routing and Switching, Communications and Services, Security and Voice. Persons who have obtained one of these Cisco CCIE accreditations can easily find great job opportunities inside the best IT companies worldwide. Cisco CCIE certifications are the key to building solid, stable and financially rewarding careers.

Despite the fact that CCIE certifications are difficult to obtain, proper training programs can greatly increase one’s chances of becoming certified in one of the previously mentioned areas. Accelerated Cisco CCIE Bootcamps are the most popular form of Cisco CCIE training, allowing participants to further develop their knowledge, as well as practical skills and abilities regarding Cisco networking technologies. Most Cisco CCIE Bootcamps are focused towards preparing students that already have a good level of experience with Cisco technologies for their final certification exams.

High-standard CCIE Bootcamps are structured in a series of courses and laboratories, held in a comprehensive manner and led by well-trained professionals. Attending students are provided with high-quality test-preparing materials, meant to familiarize them with the requirements and the difficulty of their final examinations. Over the entire period of the CCIE Bootcamp training, students benefit from unlimited high-speed, wireless Internet access, great accommodation conditions and two meals a day.

Most CCIE Bootcamps are aimed at preparing students that have chosen the Cisco Security specialization for their final exams, improving their prospects of becoming certified in this area. The topics discussed and explained during Cisco CCIE-Security Bootcamps include Security Protocols, Operating Systems, Applications Protocols, General Networking, Security Technologies and Cisco Security Applications. After completing the CCIE instructor-led training, students are guaranteed a good performance at their certification exams. Most students who graduate from official, Cisco-approved CCIE Bootcamps find the certification exams more accessible and less challenging, having considerably higher prospects of obtaining their much desired Cisco CCIE certifications from the first try.

Cisco CCIE-Security Bootcamps are not recommended for novice students. This type of advanced training is primarily designed for people who are already CCNP or CCSP certified, have at least two years of Cisco networking experience, or students who are following complete Cisco training programs (including CCNA, CCSP, CCIE). Candidates that meet these requirements and attend to Cisco CCIE Bootcamps will find the Cisco training a rewarding experience, being able to further develop their skills regarding Cisco networking technologies with a minimal investment of time, effort, and money.


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