NYC Mayor Calls Out Opponents Blog

    September 28, 2005

I know its off-topic, but I had to post it. Steve Rubel posts that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg called out his opponent, Democrat Fernando Ferrer, for false claims on his blog.

I think it’s great to see blogosphere politics meshing with real-world politics.

More importantly, Ferrer claims that the blame for the false information goes to “an unnamed staffer for crafting it, based on Ferrer’s dictation.” First thing politicians who want to blog need to learn: You always write the blog yourself. I realize that can be a tall order for people who have so many people working for them to do this, but if you didn’t write your blog, your readers will see it and you’ll be embarrassed, eventually.

Ferrer’s blog is awful:

What a last couple of days! I have never been as proud to be a Democrat and of the Democratic values that make our party strong. Yesterday, I was honored to stand with Gifford Miller, Virginia Fields and Anthony Weiner and hundreds of others at our Unity Rally as we came together as Democrats fired up to take back City Hall from the grasp of Republican control. And today, at La Guardia Community College, I was filled with pride to stand with U. S. Senators Chuck Schumer and Hillary Rodham Clinton and accept their endorsement for the next Mayor of New York City.

Yeah, that’s real personable. The lack of actual expression in the first sentence, coupled with an exclamation point, allows it show excitement without making the writer seem too excited. The rest of it is all brochure-speak, just terrible.

A real blog post would ackowledge the support of Senators Schumer and Clinton and address Bloomberg campaign claims that their support was not whole-hearted. A blog, done off-the-cuff (but still overseen by the candidate’s PR people) can be a great way of responding to controversy, something the Ferrer campaign does not do well.

Link: NYC Mayor Bloomberg Rewrites Opponent’s Blog

disclaimer: I have, in the past, worked on various citywide and statewide campaigns, with several of the individuals involved on both sides. I could be accused of bias in either direction.

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