Novell Opens Up SUSE

    August 10, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The technology company announced at LinuxWorld an open version of the SUSE Linux distribution.

Following in the footsteps of Sun Microsystems, Novell has made an open distribution of the SUSE Linux operating system available online.

Novell disclosed the project at the LinuxWorld Conference Expo in San Francisco. In a press release, the company noted that community participation in SUSE Linux version 10.0 begins with a beta release, available now for download.

The company will still deliver a shrinkwrapped version of the OS for retail sale. Those prepackaged distributions will contain the OS and extras like additional software, documentation, and installation support.

OpenSUSE will utilize BugZilla for bug tracking and reporting. Novell plans to expand access to its AutoBuild system to openSUSE developers as it rolls out new project features.

Novell cites a comparison and contrast to Fedora in the openSUSE FAQ. The project has non-technical users as its focus, and considers Fedora more aimed at savvier technical users. “Only the openSUSE project refines its Linux distribution to the point where non-technical users can have a successful Linux experience,” Novell says in the openSUSE FAQ.

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