Not President’s Day At Google, Apparently

    February 18, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Ready the vegetable-tossers, conspiracy theorists, and patriotic guillotiners: Google and Yahoo have snubbed President’s Day.

Google especially (in part because nobody pays attention to Yahoo unless Microsoft tries to buy them) is known for spicing up its logo on special days, to commemorate artists, historic accomplishments, and often, national holidays.

Memorial Day hasn’t been part of that tradition either, to many’s dismay. (I stopped bugging them about more trivial things, but a couple of years ago a Google PR rep told me they didn’t want to take a chance on offending anyone by appearing to make light of such a solemn and reverent occasion like Memorial Day.)

If you believe that…you might also believe that perhaps they didn’t feel anybody cared about President’s Day except furniture stores. (That’s complete conjecture because, like I said, I stopped bugging them about stuff like this in general.) Heck, we don’t even get out of school for it.

That doesn’t keep the mail running, though, does it?

Not President's Day At Google, Apparently

Anyway, while Google and Yahoo are ignoring the honoring of America’s great Presidents (notice I said great ones, not average or poor ones), and are eager to please. Ask sported a shot of Mount Rushmore, which depicts four great Presidents (even if Teddy insisted upon himself a bit—what do you expect of a rough-rider, anyway?).

Not President's Day At Google, Apparently

Dogpile dogified Teddy, George, and Abe in solid cartoon perpetuity. (Scratching behind Dogpile’s ear and using my doggie voice: "That’s a good a citizen. Who’s a good citizen? You are! Oh, yes, you are!"