Nokia Tables Internet Tablet

    October 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The launch of Nokia’s Internet Tablet, a wireless web browsing platform, won’t happen now until the fourth quarter, 2005.

Nokia’s intriguing model 770 Internet Tablet will be an enigma for a little bit longer. MarketWatch reported that the device should still hit the shelves for the holidays. While a firm launch date hasn’t been set, a spokesperson for Nokia said it will definitely be before Christmas.

Software issues arose, causing the delay. Finalizing the software did not happen as planned, according to Nokia. After launch, a software upgrade in 2006 will add VoIP and instant messaging to the web and email functions in the initial release.

Nokia’s Internet Tablet comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on board. People who own a computer and have a wireless access point in place may find the device interesting as an extra way to browse online and check messages without having to be seated in front of the PC.

Europe and North America will see the devices become available for $350. The 770 will compete with another pricey bit of electronic hardware this holiday season, as the Xbox 360 from Microsoft will launch in November with a similar price tag, not including games.

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