Nielsen: Video-Sharing Industry Doing Well

    August 19, 2008

The Dow’s had a bad few months; it lost around 885 points between April and June.  Another market’s doing fine, though, as Nielsen’s statistics indicate that YouTube and several competing video-sharing sites experienced impressive amounts of growth in the same period.

According to Nielsen and Michael Learmonth, YouTube drew around 73.5 million unique viewers in April.  There were closer to 77.8 million in June.  The number of total streams increased by an even greater amount – roughly 25 percent.

Fox managed to misplace almost a million viewers, but Yahoo gained a few hundred thousand.  Nickelodeon achieved some growth, while MSN/Windows Live imitated Murdoch’s empire.

Disney is the next brand that’s truly noteworthy, attracting about 2.9 million new users between April and June.  CNN pulled off something similar, increasing its audience by 1.4 million people, and Hulu moved up two spots (to eighth place) according to a ranking top video sites by total video streams.

This data seems to indicate that, even if YouTube dominates the market, there’s still all sorts of room for competitors to thrive.  Count on the fight over audiences and ad revenue to continue.