Nielsen//NetRatings (Still) Sets Google At #1

    June 22, 2007

Friday is the end of the workweek.  The day should move along quickly, smoothly, and without any surprises.  In that spirit, then, we bring you the results of the latest Nielsen//NetRatings search share rankings: in May of 2007, Google was still on top.

Here’s hoping you were able to digest that news without suffering a coronary (you were probably already in very poor health if something like that pushed you over the edge).  It also shouldn’t come as a shock that Yahoo nabbed second, and MSN/Windows Live Search placed third.  The rest . . . well, we’ll get to one of them later.

Some of the statistics accompanying those first three finishers were kind of amazing, but it’s still nothing we haven’t seen before.  Google holds a 56.3 percent market share, experienced a year-over-year growth of 44.9 percent, and saw over 4 billion queries run through its servers.

Poor old Yahoo, by comparison, controls just 21.5 percent of the market, and grew by only 18.6 percent.  MSN/Windows Live registered at 8.4 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively, in those two categories.  Ouch.

Nielsen//NetRatings believes that is in an even more miserable position, however; the company that runs commercials centered on chicks with swords and Kato Kaelin had a negative year-over-year “growth” of 2.8 percent, and Ask’s market share is a puny 2.0 percent.

That’ll about do it for this wrap-up, I suppose.  With any luck, the rest of your Friday (workday) will play out in a nice, normal way, as well.