Nick Wilson Departs Threadwatch

    November 30, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

SEOBook’s Aaron Wall has taken over the Threadwatch community site, as Wilson moves on to focus on his developing professional blogging site, Performancing.

Wilson posted a farewell to the Threadwatch community this morning. He has sold Threadwatch to Wall, of SEOBook fame.

Wall posted a brief note about it on his site today, and Wilson provided a lengthier explanation of the changeover on Threadwatch:

Im a little excited, and a lot sorry to say that i will be leaving Threadwatch today. There has been lots of umming and ahhing on my part as I’ve struggled to work out my time and commitments, but the final result is that as of today, right now, I no longer own, or administer Threadwatch.

My commitments to Performancing, the company Patrick Gavin and I have set up are getting bigger by the day. Organizing writers, developers, the introduction of a new PR company to the team and all that that entails and a whole bunch of other stuff mean that I now have to commit to that full-time if we want to get where we want to go with it.

UPDATE: Nick Wilson was kind enough to take a moment to elaborate on the change in response to an email:
“I felt I’d taken TW to the limit of my personal interest in Search, and that my interests, both business and otherwise had changed too much to continue running it. I don’t like writing becuase “I have to”, so it was better to hand TW to someone that could continue what i’d started rather than let it die a slow death.

And as to the new initiative with Performancing: “The PPWD (Performancing Plan for World Domination) is in it’s early stages, but you’ll be seeing a lot of me, it and it’s authors in 2006.”

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