News In Yahoo In News: ABC & CNN Video On Board

    August 1, 2005

Sunnyvale perennial portal power Yahoo announced on Monday its collaboration with and ABC news to provide video news feeds for Yahoo’s news page starting in September.

CNN will supply daily clips and ABC will offer on demand video content. All the video will be free and advertiser supported. The video will be integrate throughout Yahoo’s news sites, including the front page, story pages and in other sections of the site. Yahoo also plans on getting full coverage packages and will be made available to Yahoo’s broadband services.

News News In Yahoo In News: ABC & CNN Video On Board

“The addition of and ABC News video to Yahoo! brings two of the world’s most respected and valuable news providers to the Internet’s largest audience,” said Scott Moore, vice president of content operations, Yahoo!. “Video content is becoming an increasingly important component of the online news experience for Yahoo! News users, and these relationships are an important step in expanding the video content on our site.”

CNN will provide daily video content including breaking U.S. and World News in politics, business, technology and a lot of others.

“Working with Yahoo! puts’s video in front of millions of additional Internet users,” said Susan Grant, executive vice president of CNN News Services. “This agreement gives us another opportunity to extend our brand and expand CNN’s online audience.”

This marks ABC’s first venture into free, on-demand video content for the massive news agency. The content will be advertiser supported and this will extend a long standing distribution agreement between the companies, which provides ABC News premium video to SBC Yahoo’s broadband subscribers.

“ABC News is pleased to offer some of the best of ABC News on demand video content to Yahoo! News,” said Bernard Gershon, senior vice president and general manager, ABC News Digital Media Group. “The advertising supported distribution of our content is a great way to continue to expand our longstanding relationship with Yahoo!.”

This will add a lot of depth to Yahoo’s new coverage now and will give them a real taste of the success they experienced with the NASA launch. With literally hundreds of thousands of hits from with the shuttle launch, Yahoo now providing live, breaking news from both ABC and CNN should really boost their presence as not only as a portal and a news source but as a media company in general. This also continues Yahoo’s tradition of picking high quality, mainstream news sources for it’s news.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.