New Web Site Lets Voters Rate Presidential Candidates

    August 20, 2008

Personnel Decisions International (PDI), a leadership consulting firm that works with CEOs has launched a Web site that allows users to rate the presidential candidates.

The site, allows users to rate the presidential candidates on ten characteristics that the firm uses to evaluate CEOs. The ten traits are vision, insightful judgment, trustworthiness, gets things done, inspires others, good judge of people, influence others, courage, confidence and energy.

"This presidential race is being closely followed by U.S. voters and observers around the world. allows all interested in the race an opportunity to rate leadership traits of the candidates," said Bob Muschewske, senior vice president and executive consultant at PDI.

Visitors to the site rate each candidate on the ten characteristics and then rate the importance of each trait. Users will be able to see real time results to compare the candidates. The results are broken down by gender, location, and generation. Users are required to rank the characteristics of both candidates.

When the running mates are announced, users will be able to rate their traits as well.

"This website is designed to let visitors experiment with leadership evaluation by rating the presidential candidates using some of the same traits we use to evaluate top business leaders," said Muschewske.