New Web Site Aims To Save Drivers On Gas

    July 1, 2008

With gas prices hitting record highs a new service is hoping to offer U.S. drivers some relief when they fill up at the pump.

A new Miami-based company, is offering consumers the chance to purchase gasoline at current prices and then fill up later when prices will be inevitably higher.

MyGallons offers two annual membership plans ranging in price from $29.95 to $39.95. Members can access their accounts by visiting the MyGallons Web site to check how much they are saving, transaction history, balance, and pay for additional gas to add to their account.

Customers will be contacted via email and text message when their balances are getting close to zero, so they can add gallons to their account.

Members will receive a MyGallons card after registering on the Web site and opening an account. The card can be swiped at the pump just like a debit card.

The price per gallon at the time of purchase is based on the average gas price in the zip code of a members billing address. MyGallons says its service is accepted at 95 percent of gas stations nationwide.

"By allowing consumers to pay for quantities of gas at current prices, MyGallons provides them with a solution to cope with gasoline price increases," said Steven Verona, Founder and CEO of MyGallons.