New US Government Portal on YouTube

    May 21, 2009
    Chris Crum

YouTube has introduced the new US Government Portal today, though the channel says it’s been a member since 2007. The portal connects you to 25 federal agencies.

Government YouTube Portal

The channel actually points you to other YouTube channels for agencies such as the White House, NASA, the FDA, the FBI, the FDIC, etc. The following video (which also highlights a large number of the Federal government’s other new media efforts) says with the portal you can do things like:

– Explore the Ocean’s Floor
– Travel to Space
– Find service opportunities
– Take a seat at the State Department’s international meetings
– Learn how to apply for government benefits
– Find out about various government jobs

"Our federal leaders and civil servants aren’t just on YouTube to distribute video; they’re here to engage with you in a way that only YouTube makes possible," says YouTube’s Steve Grove. "So leave your comments, rankings, and ideas for these agencies on any of their videos to ensure that your voice is heard on the issues you care about."

YouTube says it’s all about making the government more transparent. The above clip is worth watching just to see the different ways the government is going about this using blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.