New Dimensions in Education- the Basics of e-learning

    April 26, 2005

Elearning is the use of technology to make learning accessible for people who do not have enough time or are unable to enroll themselves in conventional educational institutions due to various reasons. It is also a way of making education more effective incorporating interactive means.

This is another method of making education more effective through interactive approach.

The positive side, its supporters say, is that it provides access to learning anytime and anywhere, reduces overheads associated with classroom teaching, reaches far and wide students, learning is more effective, flexibility, etc.

However, some educationists feel that elearning is not a good enough substitute for real-time learning. Reasons cited are lack of social engagement, not quite accurate assessments, impersonal teaching, etc.

To make elearning more effective, the experts in this field aver that learning tools must be designed efficiently by shoring up methods of instruction, evaluation and implementation.

Some of the positive attributes of elearning are:

There is no need to invest in traveling and commuting time is also saved.

Teaching material can be revised constantly at much lesser costs.

The course material can be fashioned as per the student~s ability and requirements such as skill sets and previous education level.

The focus of the teaching material can be different for organizations and individuals.

To show results with new features, new methods of assessment can be introduced.

Surveys recorded have shown that objectives of teaching have been as successful in online training. Some claimed that elearning classes were more effective.

Multiple sites can access course material from the same source.

Training program material can be delivered to multiple sites simultaneously using communication technology.

Students can practice as many times as possible with the aid of a computer. This will hone their skills in the faculty where they are pursuing their studies.

Graphical images and audio messages used in elearning considerably improve methods of retention. This has been substantiated by studies.

More companies are jumping onto the bandwagon of elearning than before. This is owing to the fact that corporations have realized that knowledge is an asset to an organization as a whole.

Some elearning providers are flagging off elearning programs tailored for particular institutions. Finally, companies have also recognized that they can cut costs of internal training through elearning.

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