New Data on Click Fraud

    February 27, 2006

ClickZ’s Kevin Newcomb explores latest click fraud survey results from SEMPO.

While there appears to be increased awareness of click fraud, the actual instances of click fraud remain steady. It looks like more marketers are simply realizing they need to track it.

We also get confirmation that most click fraud comes from shady networks and publishers and not from your competitor clicking on your ad.

Most of the respondents who said they’d been victims of click fraud put the blame on publishers, networks or affiliates attempting to increase their revenue through non-authentic clicks. This so-called “network click fraud” affected 78 percent of advertisers and 59 percent of agencies in the study. Just over half of all advertisers and 41 percent of agencies said they had experienced “competitive click fraud,” where competitors drive up an advertiser’s costs by clicking on an ad multiple times.

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