New CNN Show Based on Twitter

Rick Sanchez Direct Utilizes the Social Network

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We all know that Twitter is a huge hit with so-called "geeks," but it just may get a big push into mainstream society, thanks to CNN. The news broadcaster has already been incorporating "tweets" into reports, and now anchor Rich Sanchez, a faithful Twitter user, has left a tweet indicating that they would be debuting a new Twitter show today called "Rick Sanchez Direct".

Rick Sanchez Tweet

It is interesting that there is going to be a show featuring Twitter, but the really interesting thing is that social media is penetrating into mainstream news. "CNN is one of the few broadcast networks with an expansive line of shining examples in the Web 2.0 space, from basic RSS and bookmarking options to embeddable videos, and its fully user generated content platform iReport.com," notes Adam Hirsch at Mashable.

Rick Sanchez The title of the show would suggest a program with Twitterers asking Rick Questions, with him answering on the air. Or perhaps it will be a look at who he follows. He has 8,950 following him (at this point), and he follows 4,067. 

The live TV aspect could play out interestingly. Like Dr. Sanjay Gupta points out, "It’s hard to imagine how a Twitter feed from 4,607 users might behave live." It could play out like the equivalent of a discouraged linebacker cussing on the sidelines at a college football game being broadcast on national television, or CNN may have some kind of system set up to censor the madness. The fact is, we just don’t really know how it’s going to play out until it airs, though I would put my money on the latter.

It won’t be long now though. The show is scheduled to air today at 3pm Eastern. There’s a good chance that by the time you read this, it will have already been on. In that case, feel free to share your opinions on the show in the comments if you happen to catch it.

New CNN Show Based on Twitter
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  • http://www.iyazam.com/ Hillel

    Now all we need is a CNN app on facebook and we are all set!

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Guest

    How are they gonna fit thousands of tweets in one show?  A lot of filtering is going to happen here and of course they’ll most likely filter out tweets opposing their opinions and push their own…

  • http://www.articleblip.com/article/news news articles

    although I can see how traditional news media is trying hard to fit in with the younger online audience

  • http://www.daarzijnweweer.nl/ Guest

    ..happened to sending text messages to the marquee like we had on the music channels. CNN is trying too hard to make something out of nothing. I will get them publicity though!

  • http://twitter.com/hci Cindy Stanford

    It’s been a week. What happened? Did it work? Was it mass chaos?

  • Gabby

    Why is this story about Palin’s connection with the Alaska Indpendence Party on at 3:00 p.m. when most American are at work – this information should come on in PRIME TIME

  • Guest John Taylor

    Apparently ACORN has been infiltrated by operatives of the "Department of Dirty Tricks" of the extreme far- right  members of the Republican Party.  This was done to reflect  an environment of suspicion , doubt, and corruption within ACORN  in order to to suppress the Democratic  voter registrations.  ACORN was suckered in by these Republican operatives early on in the presidential campaign. 

  • http://www.articlesdb.co.cc Free Reprint Article

    interesting to know about CNN development

  • mary riffee

    no one bailed out the steel mills.  the auto companies need to reorganize. 

  • Dr. J.D. Williams

    Our nation is in direr striates, from consumers to homes to banks to wars to out of tune Republicans. It should be obvious by now that this nation cannot sufficiently fund a resolution plan for any of these monumental issues. Since we, are a nation with deepening need, why not ask the Iran gov’t. for a financial handout. Iran oil sales have given that nation billions of surplus dollars each month. How about thanking us for saving them!

    I propose $10 billion dollars per quarter over the next 10 years. If Iran and the U.S. believe in Iran’s newly founded political freedom and road to democracy paved with U.S. blood and money, why not thank the U.S. with a check every 3 months.

    If our nation is too proud to ask, I’d be glad to have the money chat with Iran.

  • http://www.interioranswers.com/index.html Interior Design Consultant

    I can’t stand CNN sometimes..

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