NetLogic Delivers Data Plane Products for Alcatel’s 7670 RSP

    September 7, 2004

NetLogic Microsystems announced that it is delivering data plane products for Alcatel’s highest-performance multi-service switching and routing product, the 7670 Routing Switching Platform (RSP).

This is the second major project between Alcatel and NetLogic Microsystems, the first involving cooperation on Alcatel’s previously announced 7301 Advanced Services Access Manager (ASAM) platform.

NetLogic Microsystems’ products for the 7670 RSP platform include solutions designed to interface with custom ASIC’s. These solutions perform high-speed search operations on routing, ACL and security databases and are ideal for packet classification, policy enforcement, IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding, MPLS searches, network security and QoS enforcement for differentiated services in core, edge, metro, campus and enterprise networking applications.

NetLogic Microsystems’ product for Alcatel’s 7301 ASAM platform includes a glueless solution, which is designed to interface directly with AMCC Network Processors. The glueless solution for the 7301 ASAM platform offers support for multiple network processors, enables automatic learning and aging for MAC addresses and includes a policy engine that enables fast and granular control over network resources through rules support, thereby allowing network administrators to authorize access to applications based on the user privileges. Additionally, this solution supports traffic policing to allow the network manager to control the maximum rate of traffic sent or received on an interface, and to partition a network into multiple priority levels or class of service (CoS). The glueless solution is also bundled with a full suite of firmware/software including Advanced Table Management Algorithm (TMA) and management software for policing and billing support, which greatly accelerates system development and time-to-market.

“We are very pleased that Alcatel, a world leader in telecommunications, has worked with NetLogic Microsystems to enhance the value of Alcatel’s most advanced products by utilizing the processing capabilities of multiple NetLogic Microsystems’ products,” said Martyn Humphries, vice president of Marketing for NetLogic Microsystems. “These products demonstrate NetLogic Microsystems’ track record of being the first to deliver the highest performance and highest technology devices in the marketplace, making our products a perfect fit for Alcatel’s 7670 RSP and 7301 ASAM.”

Alcatel’s 7670 RSP is optimized to deliver multiple new and existing services on a converged IP/MPLS infrastructure, due to hardware and software enhancements. New software released in May 2004 includes high availability IP VPN RFC2547 service enhancements leveraging ACEIS Non-Stop Routing technology, Ethernet Virtual Leased Line service over MPLS, and Ethernet to FR/ATM Service Interworking over MPLS. Improved MPLS service resiliency is provided along with MPLS Label Switch Path (LSP) “modify without break”, which is the ability to increase an existing LSP’s bandwidth without disrupting service. Also released in May 2004 is the Channelized Multi-Rate 48 Line Card (MR48). This card supports 2.4 Gb/s of wire-rate IP, MPLS and ATM forwarding, including concurrent routing and signaling protocols for IP/MPLS and ATM Private Network to Network Interface (PNNI) on the same port. Fully software configurable, the MR48 enables any service on any port using any protocol, giving carriers a flexible, operational roadmap to deliver uniform services throughout their networks — now and in the future.

Alcatel’s 7301 ASAM has multiple benefits for service providers. Each access line can deliver audio, video, and data and the total capacity of an Alcatel 7301 ASAM can support up to 10,000 simultaneous users. This enables service providers to generate new revenues from advanced broadband entertainment services such as on-line gaming, music, video, and pay TV. Improved capacity, nation-wide coverage and guaranteed service level agreements mean carriers can confidently tap the lucrative small and medium enterprise market by offering low-cost virtual private network (VPN) services over DSL. As DSL access moves closer to even the most remote customers, the 7301 offers cost-effective aggregation of remote nodes and a Gigabit-Ethernet interface provides a smooth evolution towards efficient aggregation of Ethernet Metro Area Network (EMAN) services.

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