Netflix Embarrassed By 11-Hour Outage

    March 25, 2008

Nothing’s perfect; WebProNews itself flickered in and out of working order yesterday afternoon.  But for hours on either side, Netflix was decidedly down, and this created a rather large hubbub in certain circles.

Netflix’s outage lasted for 11 hours, according to most onlookers and the company’s own account.  Our screenshot was taken at about 4 PM (EST); at this point, the wait time on Netflix’s customer service line was an admirable one minute, yet representatives weren’t able to provide any estimates as to when things would begin working again.

NetFlix Goes Down For Hours
 Netflix Outage

Steve Swasey, the company’s director of corporate communications, admitted to Brad Stone, "This is an unanticipated outage.  Our engineers are working feverishly on it.  We do apologize to our members for any inconvenience and we appreciate their patience."

It’s good that Netflix was upfront about the problem, at least; two months ago, Blockbuster drew fire for trying to pass off an apparent outage as some sort of maintenance downtime.

Still, a Google Blog Search for "Netflix outage" turns up a scary number of results, and the company’s stock did less well than it could have (losing 2.91 percent so far today) after reaching an all-time high yesterday afternoon.

WebProNews is, for the record, performing flawlessly just now.