Need Answers? Text ChaCha!

    January 3, 2008

ChaCha recognized this trend and decided to make the most of the situation. The search engine is already unique with its community of human search guides, but today ChaCha announced it is launching a mobile service called textChaCha.



I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Brad Bostic, ChaCha’s President and Co-Founder, about the new service. Bostic explained that a cell phone user can simply text a question to ChaCha, which is 242242, and one of the 30,000 expert human ChaCha guides will answer the question in the form of a text.

By using textChaCha, users can:

   1.    Find names, addresses, and phone numbers for local businesses and residence
   2.    Get directions
   3.    Ask for the spelling or definition of a word
   4.    Ask trivia questions
   5.    Get lyrics to music while in the car

As you can see, the texting possibilities are endless. TextChaCha is currently being offered as a free trial.

Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group, Rob Enderle said:

“This is as close to something that I’ve seen in recent times that might solve a very real problem…”

To catch all the details, check out the full report from Abby Prince entitled, “Are You Ready for ChaCha?”