NCAA Live Blogging, No More

    January 17, 2008

I searched for the term “sports blog” and received over 30 million results on any given search engine and received over 24 thousand results on Technorati. But the real question is why am I searching for a sports blog anyways?

Back in June, WebProNews reported that Brian Bennett had been kicked out of a NCAA Super-Regional baseball game after a NCAA representative from the baseball committee asked him to leave due to his live blogging during the game. Bennett later posted this on his blog: “It will be interesting to see if the NCAA can enforce such a policy. What strikes me as really strange is that someone watching ESPN across the street could have blogged every single pitch without a problem. And college baseball, especially in this area, could use all the publicity it can get.”

In December of 2007, the National College Athletic Association passed a set of rules regarding live blogging. The rules allot a certain amount of posts for each sport during a game. Yet the wording does not clarify what constitutes a post.

Chicago Sports Weekly Writer and Blogger from, Ryan Corazza wrote, “Ok so is a blog an individual entry? (Only n00bs call an individual post or entry a ‘blog.’ Let’s get serious here, people. That’s like calling an article in a newspaper a ‘newspaper.’)”

Some of the following are the specified rules for live bloggers.

Football: 3 per quarter, 1 at halftime
Soccer: 5 per half, 1 at halftime
Basketball: 5 per half, 2 at halftime, and 2 for each overtime period
Baseball and Softball: 1 every inning (including extra innings)
Ice Hockey: 3 per period, one in between periods (includes overtime)

The President and CEO of SportsBlogsNation, Tyler Bleszinski said, “I still think the NCAA was being ridiculously paranoid and controlling. Blogging is here and people are going to have to get used to it. You can either embrace the future or continue to fight against it, but it’s a losing battle for them because more and more fans are migrating towards the blog medium.”

Oh and he also wrote, “You can’t fight the tide coming in. Eventually, it’s going to come no matter what you do.”

For more details of the rules then check out the video to get a better grasp on the rules. And you might just find ways to get around the rules too.