MySpace Proud Of Overseas Progress

    April 16, 2008

If you thought MySpace was an American phenomenon, you thought wrong.  The company wants you to know that it’s been successful in all sorts of countries, and is continuing to expand throughout the world.

MySpace Progress
 Travis Katz

Korea came yesterday, and India’s on the slate for later this week.  Neither nation is exactly unfamiliar with social networks; Korea may have more of them than we do, and India is one of the places in which Orkut has made itself well known.  Still, MySpace seems quite confident.

"Every single market we’re going [into], we’re seeing significant growth in revenues across the board," said Travis Katz, the senior vice president and general manager of MySpace’s international arm, to the Wall Street Journal.

"We have more than four and a half million users in Germany and, in less than a year, more than three million users in France," he continued.  "In China, we’ve just passed a two million user mark.  We’re in 29 countries today.  We’re on a very rapid expansion."

Of course, Katz didn’t give details about that revenue growth, and as Peter Kafka pointed out, a rapid expansion alone doesn’t guarantee anything.  But if MySpace ever figures out some brilliant monetization scheme, at least it’ll have a wide spread of eyeballs standing by to be exposed.