MySpace Music Adds To Executive Team

    March 24, 2009

The next time MySpace Music’s senior executive team gets together, it looks like the meeting room is going to be rather more full.  Courtney Holt, the president of MySpace Music, announced three key additions this afternoon. 

MySpace Logo

What may be the most impressive title goes to Jamie Kantrowitz, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Global Marketing.  Kantrowitz comes from within the company, and according to a formal statement, "played an integral role in overseeing MySpace’s successful expansion into 30 international territories."  Her new job should have her performing similar feats.

Next up is Alex Maghen, the CTO.  Maghen has spent time at both Yahoo Music and MTV, so he’s likely to be a natural fit.  The press release also claims Maghen’s "poised to reinforce MySpace Music as the most innovative music product in existence."

Finally, there’s Nancy Taylor, whose business cards will read, "Lead Counsel, Vice President Business and Legal Affairs."  Taylor is supposed to keep MySpace Music from falling afoul of the big music companies, and – to her credit – she may find the task relatively easy thanks to time spent working for Warner/Chappell Music and Arista Records.

Courtney Holt acknowledged, "We are so excited to welcome these incredibly talented individuals to our growing MySpace Music team."