MySpace Launches Fictional Reality Series

    October 22, 2007

MySpace is launching an original fictional reality show for MySpaceTV called "Roommates." Its MySpace’s first original series developed for MySpaceTV.

"Roommates" will follow the lives of four women in their 20s who have just graduated from college and are living together in Los Angeles. The Web show launched today and will run through December 21. There are 45 episodes that are three minutes in length that will be shown every weekday at 4 p.m. Eastern time.

Fans of "Roommates" will be able to access individual profiles for each character, watch video blog postings from the characters and other interactive content. Viewers will also have access to a real-time polling tool with which they can express their opinions on characters and plot development. Viewers will be able to chat online and post comments on the individual character profiles. Fans opinions could be used to influence the outcome of the plot.

As part of the launch, the 2008 Ford Focus will act as a series sponsor offering products that will be integrated into the storyline in multiple episodes.

"Whether it’s network television shows, original web productions, or user-generated genius, we’re committed to offering our users the most exciting content anywhere on the net," said Jeff Berman, GM of MySpaceTV. "We’re thrilled to see that MySpaceTV is quickly becoming Hollywood’s digital playground."