MySpace Getting Ready to Launch Primetime Application

    November 12, 2008
    Chris Crum

Tomorrow, MySpace will be launching the "MySpace Primetime Application", an app that allows users to embed, search, and watch content from Hulu and MySpaceTV on their pages. The application is a product of a partnership with Hulu, Warner Bros, and Sony.

Primetime App Page

"The application allows users to watch full-length content (including all Hulu content) on their user homepage and profiles (they just add the app)," a representative from MySpace tells WebProNews. "This application allows MySpace to monetize an additional 152 million pages with video content." Very interesting.

The MySpace Primetime Application allows:

– Micro Search for all MySpace video content

– Direct video viewing of all premium content on MySpace including full-length episodes (Hulu, MySpace Originals, +150 Licensed Content Partners etc)

– Greater editorial placement opportunities for content

– Monetization opportunities on +152 million more pages per month

– Increased overall ad-revenue through increased on-network video viewing

"The Primetime Application highlights how professional video content is being voraciously consumed across the MySpace ecosystem, not just within MySpaceTV," said Jason Kirk, VP of Video & Entertainment for MySpace. "Video on MySpace flows throughout the network as there are multiple entry points where videos can be discovered, watched and shared including comments, bulletins and MySpaceTV.  We believe the 76 million US users spending four hours on the site every month, and the advertisers that rely on our ad-solutions, will be happy with the flexibility of this application."

Well, this shouldn’t do much to reverse the broadband shortage predictions, but users will likely eat it up. Users can add MySpace Primetime to their profiles or user homepages by  following these steps:

1. Visit 

2. Click the "Add this App" button in the top right hand corner.

3. A pop-up box regarding placement and notification options appears. Users then choose where they want the application to be placed on their homepage or profile and how they want it to be updated, if at all.  Once satisfied with their selections, users click "Add" to continue.

4. The application will then be added to the area the user indicated in the previous step.

On Profile Page
Primetime App on Profile

On Home Page

Primetime App on Homepage

5. Users may now start using the application.

On a related note, the MySpace Primetime community, which has been around for nearly a year now, has been redesigned (as shown below). This is just another destination where online video lovers can watch some of their favorite shows.

Last month MySpace hit an all-time high with domestic unique users and engagement according to comScore. MySpace also recently surpassed Yahoo! as the top publisher of online display advertising in the U.S.