MySpace Enhances Mobile Features On Cingular

    December 18, 2006

In a partnership that was announced earlier today, social networking site MySpace and wireless industry leader Cingular have collaborated to offer customers enhanced MySpace functionality.

The deal between, the world’s leading lifestyle portal, and Cingular Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless carrier, was announced today to the delight of Cingular users.

To date, this is MySpace’s largest-scale mobile partnership and representatives of the company see nothing but unlimited potential.

“ has a passionate community of users, many of whom use our site as their primary means of staying in touch with family and friends. We are thrilled to team with Cingular to enable their mobile users to experience the richest MySpace Mobile offering to date,” Chris DeWolfe, CEO, MySpace said regarding the deal.

For Cingular customers, the deal provides exclusive access to MySpace Mobile’s rich tool set including the ability to edit MySpace profiles, view and add friends, post photos and blogs, send and receive MySpace messages from their mobile device, according to site representatives.

MySpace will now provide Cingular users with all the capabilities of the site on their mobile phone. New features available to Cingular users on MySpace’s new rich feature set include uploading photos, responding to mail, searching for friends, posting comments and blog entries, and viewing friends and groups.

In addition to the added features, Cingular users may still receive real-time MySpace Mobile alerts via their mobile phone, informing them when they have received a new comment, blog post, or mail via text message.

Cingular customers may access the enhanced MySpace mobile features by simply texting MYSPACE to 386 (FUN), on their handset. The cost of the MySpace mobile application for users is $2.99 per month

MySpace and Cingular hope this landmark deal will help further expand the reach of the social networking community, although it is already a staple of American culture.

“Not only are we excited about the ability for customers to stay connected to their MySpace community while they’re on the go, we think this will open up a new world of interaction and content for them to share via MySpace,” said Marc Lefar, chief marketing officer, Cingular Wireless.

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Autmn Davis is a staff writer for WebProNews covering ebusiness and technology.