Multiple Search Feature Comes to Google Maps

A Helpful, Overdue Feature

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Google has added a new feature to Google Maps, which allows you to perform multiple searches, while keeping them around for future reference. It’s hard to explain without an example.

On the Google Lat Long Blog, to illustrate the feature, they give the example of a search for the Road to Hana on Maui. They search for this, but also search separately for supermarkets, gas stations, and driving directions to Hana, HI.

Before, each search would have brought up a new page, but now Google saves the searches in a little box, which you can show or hide, in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The searches show up as a checklist, and you can actually have multiple results show up on the map at the same time as long as the boxes are checked.

Multiple Searches on Google Maps
Multiple Searches on Google MapsEach search in the box has a colored dot beside it, which corresponds with the markers on the map for that particular search. This is a pretty useful tool that quite frankly should’ve been around a long time ago.

Either way, it’s here now, and will no doubt get plenty of use from Google Maps users abroad. Another nice thing about the feature is that once you search in a particular location, the following searches will pertain to that location. For example, if you searched Hana first, you would then simply be able to just search for "supermarkets" to get listings for supermarkets in the area.

Having traveled the road to Hana myself, I can tell you that a supermarket is about the only thing there once you make it. Ok, there’s also a gas station and a horse. It’s the getting there that is the fun part though.

Multiple Search Feature Comes to Google Maps
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  • http://www.onlinefastcash.co.uk/ Colin Francis

    This will be of great help for the searchers to get all the related results in single window. I have seen a glimpse of this feature some time back while looking for Local Listing for my website – http://www.onlinefastcash.co.uk/, but didn’t give much preference. Its nice to have the useful information as an article. Thanks for sharing. Bless!

  • http://www.uk-house-rentals.co.uk SKETCH3D

    I use google maps all the time for my route planning before I even turn on the GPS. To know where I can get petrol or just take a break along the route would be very useful.


    It is very good tools to use. I use it all the time.
    can anybody let me know how i can change color on different location of google map

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