MTV Partners With Online Video Sites

    January 8, 2008

Viacom owned MTV Networks has partnered with five online video services in an effort to expand its online presence.


The online video companies include Dailymotion, GoFish, iMeem, MeeVee and Veoh Networks. Viacom chief executive Philippe Dauman told Reuters, "We’re at a phase of the development of the Internet, when we are seeing the accumulation of a lot of incremental changes that makes it easier for consumers and users to navigate information and entertainment online."

MTV Networks will offer clips and long form content from 10 cable and broadband networks including Comedy Central, MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon. The online video deals include off-site embedding.

" We believe in a targeted approach to online video syndication, which means working with select partners who value our content and have the ability to build deep and interactive experiences around it," said Greg Clayman, Executive Vice President, Digital Distribution and Business Development, MTVN.