MSN Launches Celebrifeed

    May 27, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

Tired of the pervasive coverage of celebrity minutia? Too bad, because Microsoft just made it much, much easier to follow celebrities’ every move online. The software company’s Wonderwall has introduced the “Celebrifeed.”

Celebrifeed is an aggregator bringing A-list celebrity tweets and blog posts under a central location. Celebs are organized in alphabetical order by first name, and clicking on one brings up their latest blog post, tweet, news, gossip, and photos.

It does make a pretty handy-dandy repository for the pop-culture obsessed. For example, someone interested in Alec Baldwin (the first in the alphabetical list) will see a link to Baldwin’s blogged apology for joking about the sex trade on Letterman, and right next to that, they’ll see the Associated Press article reporting about how Baldwin apologized for making a joke about the sex trade on Letterman.

Alec Baldwin Apology News

MSN’s gotta be feeling pretty good about that licensing deal with the AP right about now, huh?

Users can tailor the display to show only tweets or only blog posts about and by the celebrities they’re interested in cyberstalking. They might want to avoid Ashton Kutcher, though.He’s recently having second thoughts about all these people following him.

One bright thought is that a service like this will push tabloids and tabloid programming to the brink of extinction. A second, darker thought is that Celebrifeed will just make it easier for them and the AP to “report.”