10 Most Popular Free Google Apps

    October 3, 2006

Google offers so many useful tools, many of which are absolutely free and sometimes it gets difficult to stay on top of of them.

Titus Hoskins wrote a neat post describing his top 10 list which included:

– Google Analytics

Google Sitemaps

– Google Alerts

– Google Froogle

– Google Checkout

– Google Blogger

– Google Toolbar

Google Groups– Google AdSense

– Google Writely

This list includes tools I use ALL the time. Google Analytics, Blogger and Toolbar are ones I use multiple times throughout the day. I also use Sitemaps, Adsense and Groups very frequently. A few things that would probably make my list would include Google Maps and who can forget Gmail. I think I use Gmail more than my Yahoo and Hotmail account now (why wouldn’t I? It’s so quick and user friendly).


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